US Service Members Interact With Children at Kabul Airport

American service members played with children at Kabul’s international airport on August 24, as thousands of people continued to stream out of Afghanistan on evacuation flights.

The Pentagon said on Tuesday that, during the preceding 24 hours, 37 US military aircraft had evacuated around 12,700 people from the airport, while allied countries had airlifted some 8,900 people out of Afghanistan.

“To date, 63,900 American citizens, NATO and other partner personnel, Afghan SIV applicants, and vulnerable Afghans are out of harm’s way,” Army Maj Gen Hank Taylor said at a briefing. Since August 14, 58,700 people have been evacuated from the country, he said

This footage, taken on Tuesday, features service members showing kids their equipment and sharing snacks at Hamid Karzai International Airport. Credit: CENTCOM via Storyful

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