This Is Us' Milo Ventimiglia recalls causing havoc on Gilmore Girls set

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milo ventimiglia photo by charles sykesbravo via getty images
Milo Ventimiglia caused havoc on Gilmore Girls setCharles Sykes/Bravo - Getty Images

This Is Us actor Milo Ventimiglia has revealed that he turned to art while working on Warner Bros show Gilmore Girls, and inspired by Banksy he took to spray painting areas of the filming lot.

Ventimiglia is famous for starring as Jack in This Is Us, as well as being the superhero that saves the day, Peter Petrelli in Heroes, but his major breakout role was as Jess Mariano in Gilmore Girls

Speaking on The Jennifer Hudson Show (April 27), Ventimiglia said that he used to cause mischief on long filming days.

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Hudson's chat show is filmed on the same lot as Gilmore Girls, with Jennifer asking: "Now you filmed Gilmore Girls on the lot, how does it feel to be back?"

Referencing how "nostalgic" it felt, he said: "I consider Warner Bros as the set that raised me."

He revealed he had some traits in common with his onscreen counterpart and said: "When you're in your early 20s, and you're on this big fancy studio lot and gonna be working the next 14, 15 hours, 'I'm a little bored. What else can I do?'"

He added: "I was really into stencil work like Banksy and stuff like that, and so I cut this stencil based on a Banksy stencil of a little rat holding a megaphone with some audiophones, and I proceeded to spray-paint it in different places around this lot here. The dumb things you do. And I'm never invited back."

milo ventimiglia photo by charles sykesbravo via getty images
Charles Sykes/Bravo - Getty Images

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The actor thought he would have time to create a masterpiece but never quite got around to completing his vision.

He joked: "My plan was to do it on a massive level on these late nights when I'm filming here and then call the studio control and say, 'You have a rat problem.'

"But I never had the guts to do just that, so we left it a couple times near my parking spot and whatnot."

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