US mum of quadruplets details 'chaotic' mornings including getting up at 3am and going through 40 nappies a day

Santina Monreal, 37, welcomed not one but four babies through IUI with her husband, Adrian, 37, on 20th January 2021. Santina gave birth to two boys and two girls - called Sebastian, Aiden and Sevilla, Aria - they weighed 2lbs 15oz, 2lbs 13oz, 1bs 10z, and 3lbs 3oz respectively. Since the couple have had to get used to being a family of six and juggle feeds, wake ups and cuddles. The busy mum starts her day at 3am to pump breastmilk before going back to sleep until 6am when she rises to feed them and get ready for work. Luckily her husband, Adrian, is on hand to feed them throughout the day before she gets back at 7pm with another round of breastmilk. Santina, a property manager, from Corona, California, US said: "I was feeding them every three hours to start off with. "It was exhausting. "They were going through 32 bottles a day and about 40 nappies. "Now were down to 20 bottles a day - which is still a lot. "It's a mad house and exhausting but a dream come true to be a mum to four gorgeous babies." Compilation video*

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