US Navy relaxes rules on women's hairstyles to allow ponytails and dreadlocks

Sophie Williams
The US Navy is relaxing its restrictions on hairstyles for women: Getty Images

The US Navy has relaxed its rules on women's hairstyles allowing ponytails and dreadlocks.

The new approved regulations were announced on Tuesday during a Facebook Live event.

Currently, if a female sailor's hair falls below the collar, she has to have her hair in braids, a bun or cornrows.

However under the new rules, women can wear ponytails as long as it doesn't pose a safety hazard.

In dinner dress situations, women are permitted to wear their hair down.

Admiral John Richardson said that a team of six female sailors worked to create the new standards.

During a broadcast on Facebook Live, he said: "If you’ve got a recommendation, we just demonstrated that that recommendation can make things happen."

He added that the new rules meant that the force was more inclusive.

It's unclear when the new guidelines will come into place however sailors will be given written notice.

The Marine Corps was the first service in the US to allow dreadlocks for women in 2015, reports

The US Army also allowed dreadlocks for women earlier this year.