US planning series of cyber warfare attacks on North Korea to 'bring Kim Jong-un into line'

The United States is drawing up plans for cyber attacks against North Korea, it has been reported.

The Telegraph reported that plans for a series of attacks on targets in North Korea may be via cyber warfare rather than more conventional means.

The newspaper said the attacks are part of an effort to bring Kim Jong-un into line.

The Telegraph quoted senior US intelligence sources’ comments to Foreign Policy magazine, in which they said there had been a “nearly unprecedented scramble inside the agencies responsible for spying and cyber warfare” aimed at North Korea.

The reports come as the Winter Olympics in South Korea come to an end.

Bloody nose – the attacks are reportedly aimed at keeping North Korea’s Kim Jong-un in line (Pictures: Getty)

It has been suggested that the US has been planing cyber attacks for months, with preparations including installing fibre cables into South Korea and Japan, as well as setting up remote bases.

One official reportedly told Foreign Policy magazine that a large part of the US spying and cyber warfare capability is being refocused on North Korea.


The magazine also reported that military intelligence analysts who are currently reserves are being summoned back into service to focus on North Korea.

It also said that US intelligence agencies have been actively recruiting analysts who speak Korean.