Quiz! Name the classic US sitcom from just two characters

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Quiz! Name the classic US sitcom from just two characters

From the Sex And The City reboot to the newly-announced Frasier revival, classic US sitcoms are making a comeback – but how well do you know them?

In our latest quiz, we’re testing your knowledge of some of the best-loved American shows, including everything from 1970s hits to modern masterpieces.

The one thing all of the shows have in common is that they were, or are, huge hits on both sides of the Atlantic, picking up plenty of Emmys and a fair few Golden Globes along the way.

The aim of the game is simple: We’ll give you two character names and all you need to do is name the show they appear in.

There are 15 shows altogether and we’ve even given you a hand by listing four multiple choice answers. How hard could it possibly be? Take the quiz below and find out…

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