US teen went to hospital with appendicitis but later came home with a BABY

This teen went to the hospital thinking she just had appendicitis - but came home 48 hours later with a new born baby. Nadia Rhoads, 19, started getting severe cramps in her side and back, but as she was taking birth control and hadn't gained any weight, she had no idea she was pregnant. Her boyfriend and dad-to-be, Brad O'Donnell, 22, rushed her to the hospital, only to find out that she had actually gone into labour and was eight centimetres dilated. Nadia, from Brookfield, Ohio, USA, said: "I didn't really have much of a reaction I was just so shacked, and like 'woah!' "I texted my mum and I sent her a picture of the monitors and I was like 'Um I'm in labour, just thought you should know!' "She called me back freaking out but she was really happy. "It took me a few months to kind of adjust everything and kind of feel like a mom. "But now I'm for sure adjusted and I enjoy it, I do feel like a mom now." Nadia was taking the birth control pill when Delaney was conceived around April 15 2020, so didn't ever consider the possibility that she could be pregnant. She said: "Birth controls made my period spotty before I got pregnant so nothing really changed with that. "It occurred every month around the same time. "I had really bad back pain and I was always super tired, I didn't think much of it because I was working full time on my feet all for nine hours a day. "I also started really liking spicy foods but I figured that I just started to like it." She felt mostly normal throughout the next nine months, as well as remaining dress size 16 (US size 14). Then, on December 22, her cramps intensified significantly in her back and right side, so boyfriend Brad rushed her to St Joseph Hospital in Warren. She thought she had appendicitis - but the doctors diagnosed her with something very different. The stay-at-home mum said: "They checked me out a bit then they had me take a pregnancy test and found that I was pregnant. "I think everyone when they take a pregnancy test gets a little nervous, but I was like 'I'm on birth control, there's no way.' "They checked me a bit more and noticed that I was in labour - I was already seven to eight centimetres dilated. "I was surprised and in shock, especially because I was in labour already so there was no time to prepare anything." Steel mill worker Brad was waiting out in the car park, worrying that his girlfriend could be seriously ill, not knowing that his family was about to grow by one. An ER nurse went outside to go let him know the god news and bring him into the delivery room. After 14 hours in labour, Delaney Mae O'Donnell was born weighing a healthy 6lbs 11oz, and went home to meet the three cats and start life as a family-of-three.

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