US toddler creates "beds" for her toys using mum's sanitary towels

A mum discovered her toddler daughter had been having a "sleepover" with dozens of toys by making them "beds" - from her sanitary towels. Savanah Pestridge, 29, was concerned when daughter Willow, three, said she had a surprise for her in the bathroom. The mum-of-three had been tending to her one-year-old twins and got her camera out to record what she suspected was going to be a funny reveal. In the video, Willow can be seen proudly showing Savanah the dozens of sanitary pads that she'd unpeeled and stuck to the bathroom floor. On top of each one she'd laid her toy figures, claiming that she was "having a sleep over" with them whilst her mum was occupied with the twins. Actress Savannah, from Salt Lake City, Utah, said: "When your three-year-old comes up to you and says that she has a surprise for you in the bathroom you immediately fear the worst. "When I saw it I instantly started laughing, and I was actually quite impressed with the extent of her imagination at such a young age. "I'm convinced that she had been watching me make comfy beds for the twins and was mirroring my actions. "Willow was so proud of herself, and she made me leave her creation where it was until her dad came home so she could show him too. "It's safe to say he was just as shocked as me! "It's definitely a story I can't wait to share with her when she's older!" It was filmed on January 15.

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