US tourist goes viral after mistaking Orange march for 'Irish parade'

An American tourist has gone viral after mistaking an Orange Order march for an "Irish parade" while on a road trip around the country.

TikTok user LizWizdom shared the short clip of her in a car wearing an Irish flag bracelet and enjoying the music of the parade with the caption "When you're just trying to take a shortcut on your Ireland road trip but you end up in the middle of an Irish parade".

The TikTok video quickly went viral online with the comment section filled with many people explaining why the the Orange Order may not call their march an "Irish parade", reports Belfast Live.

One person said: "Oh girl they'll LOVE that you called this an Irish parade", while another said: "This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Between the head bop and the tricolour bracelet."

In a follow-up video, LizWizdom told how she ended up in the parade and explained: "Here is how I ended up in the middle of an Orange Order parade that I mistakenly thought was just an Irish celebration.

"I started the morning outside of Sligo visiting the Gleniff Horseshoe, which is gorgeous, Ireland is on another level with these mountains.

"But they are also on another level with their narrow roads. So our GPS led us down one and straight into a parade route.

"There were hundreds of coaches and buses and absolutely nowhere to go. My dad was not happy that we ended up parked in the middle of the road for 40 minutes.

"I thought well let's just make the best of it and enjoy the parade from the car, not knowing what the context was."

She continued: "I saw a lot of Orange and I thought, well America has red, white and blue, Ireland has green, white and orange, turns out there is a lot more to it than that.

"When traffic started moving we asked a policeman how to get out of there and he started laughing at us and now I understand why, but we did make it to our destination, Slieve League"

Liz shared several other videos on her TikTok account documenting her trip in Ireland, which include her watching Derry Girls to "educate" herself and meeting large groups of sheep in the Rings of Kerry.

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