US weather: 'Bomb cyclone' expected to lash northeast with fierce winds and rain

Lily Puckett
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A potential bomb cyclone is expected to hit the Northeast of the US Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service in Boston.

New York City, Boston, and Maine will be affected, among other New England locations. It follows last week’s storm in the same area, which brought strong winds to beach’s along the East Coast.

The storm began intensifying Wednesday morning, and the pressure of its system is expected to drop more than 30 millibars in 24 hours, creating the aptly named bomb cyclone.

A potential bomb cyclone is quickly taking shape along the eastern seaboard and is getting ready to wallop the Northeast. The storm is expected to begin rapidly intensifying later Wednesday morning.

Winds could reach tropical-storm force, with particularly high gusts in Boston and New York City.

Some areas are at risk of winds reaching over 60 miles per hour, which could potentially bring down trees and power lines.

Strong winds are expected to hold through Friday evening.

Extreme rainfall is also probable, and may lead to flooding. In parts of New England, 2-4 inches of rain are expected. Rain will diminish on Thursday.

Flight delays and cancellations are expected throughout New England on Thursday and Friday.

Despite the time of year, some snow may also appear in upstate New York.

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