US woman labelled 'Permit Patty' and bombarded with abuse after 'calling police on girl, 8, who was selling water in the street'

Asher Mcshane
The woman was filmed appearing to call police over the girl selling bottled water to thirsty passers-by: Twitter

A US woman has found herself on the receiving end of a torrent of abuse online after apparently calling police on a girl who was selling water on the pavement to thirsty passers-by.

A video has gone viral of the woman's call to police after she spotted the girl near San Francisco's AT&T Park stadium selling "cold water for two dollars" a bottle.

A US twitter user who identifies herself as Raj posted footage of the woman online. She wrote: "So my little cousin was selling water and didn't have a permit so this lady decided to call the cops on an 8 year old."

The woman in the footage ducks behind a wall when she notices she is being filmed, however the video does not make it clear she is calling the police.

In the clip the woman can be heard to say: "yeah, illegally selling water without a permit."

Twitter user Raj later posted another video showing her cousin leaping for joy after an anonymous donor apparently bought her tickets to Disneyland after her ordeal.