US woman called police on black man 'for trying to get into his own car'

James Morris
The woman called police on Mr Davis as he tried to get into his car to find change to feed a parking meter: Facebook

A black man in America had police called on him – when he tried to get into his own car.

Corvontae Davis said he was confronted by a white woman after he was locked out of the car and tried to get back inside. He claimed it was racially motivated.

It happened as he went for lunch in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

He posted a video of the incident on Facebook, saying: “This lady here is calling the cops on me because I was getting ready to put money into the meter and she has nothing else better to do than ask if I was breaking into my car.

“She says she’s gonna call the cops so I’m actually gonna wait for them to prove that this is my vehicle, because she has nothing else better to do.”

Milwaukee Police confirmed officers responded to the call and that no action was taken against Mr Davis.

Reflecting on the incident on Sunday, he posted: “Always handle yourself well. My therapist informed me about a year ago, it’s not always necessary to respond in anger and if you do it doesn’t have to be associated with violence or belligerent behaviour.”