US woman discovers almost identical sister after taking DNA test for fun

A woman who took a DNA test to discover her heritage found a secret sister - who looks exactly like her, and even shares the same hobbies and job. A woman who took a DNA test to find out her genealogy accidentally discovered her biological sister - and they look EXACTLY alike. All Victoria Voorhees, 27, knew about herself was her birthday, that she was born in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, and that she was adopted. But after taking the 23&Me home DNA test kit, she got a notification on her phone telling her she had a big sister, Alyss Ravae, 28. She opened the email and saw a picture of a woman who she immediately thought was her twin. Victoria, from Chicago, Illinois, said: "I was in disbelief - I opened the email then I saw the picture. *Videos filmed throughout March 2021.

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