USDOT leaders to visit flooding-prone Shiloh Community

ELBA, Ala. (WDHN) — The ongoing flooding issue in the historically black Shiloh Community has gained national attention over the last six months.

Four weeks ago, Shiloh residents took a trip to the capital with the ‘Father of Environmental Justice’ Robert Bullard to visit the U.S. Department of Transportation — sharing their devastating testimonies with federal leaders.

Now, the top federal transportation leader Pete Buttigieg, and his team are visiting next week to see for themselves.

“This is fact, they are coming we’re excited but at the same time we don’t just want a show up but we need help,” Williams said. “It’s been six years we have been going through what we have been going through we’re not just trying to put on a show.”

Shiloh residents claim they have been living out a nightmare since 2018 when Highway 84 was expanded by the state. It left the community in a bowl where they believe the state turned the water pipes onto the community and when it rains water from the highway floods their community, damages their homes, and causes several issues.

Although the issue has been getting a national response, residents say they haven’t heard anything from the state, particularly the governor’s office.

“I have been calling trying to get help but get a deaf ear, trying to get on her agenda but can’t get on, tried her scheduler, her assistant chief nothing seems to workout, and she knows what’s going on,” Williams said.

“I feel like it’s probably because we are black,” Willie Horstead said. “She’s not willing to participate and the federal is I would just like her to do more.

Residents say it’s only getting worse — Williams’s septic tank is backing up.

“We are having to use a wet vac, suck this up, and dump this water that’s a lot,” He said.

Williams says they are inviting the state agencies to come out Wednesday and there will be no hard feelings.

“Hear us out but don’t just hear us out bring a solution,” He added.

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