The used cars that sell the slowest revealed

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Buying a new car right now is tricky business, as parts shortages mean many models won’t arrive on your driveway for many months after you place your order.

As such, the used car market has been booming, as new car buyers have been turning to second hand motors rather than wait months on end for a new model.

However, despite many used cars seeing massive price increases over the past 12 months, not every vehicle has been blessed in such a way.

Car Dealer Magazine has revealed the 10 cars that took the longest to sell between March 2021 and March 2022, working with eBay Motors Group.

The classifieds site analysed every car advert placed on its marketplace to create the list, which only includes models that were advertised more than 1,000 times in the time period.

Top – or perhaps bottom – of the pile was the SsangYong Tivoli, which took an average of 74.9 days to sell. This is perhaps unsurprising, as this little known South Korean brand doesn’t sell a huge number of cars in the UK, though this family SUV does represent good value for money.

In second place was the Nissan Elgrand (67.5 days) followed by the SsangYong Korando (65.6 days). The rest of the top five was made up of the Audi e-tron (63.5 days) and Skoda Scala (57.6 days).

Dermot Kelleher, head of marketing and research for eBay Motors Group said: “Although the demand for used cars was exceptionally high over the last 12 months there were inevitably some models that struggled to find buyers, regardless of price.

“However, it wasn’t just budget cars that struggled to find buyers. Our data shows how Audi’s e-tron electric SUV was the fourth slowest seller, averaging 63.5 days to sell, and we believe this is more a reflection of its top-end £64,634 price tag rather than its desirability.”

The rest of the top 10 was made up of the Mercedes-Benz SL (57.3 days), Seat Mii and Mercedes-Benz CLK (56.4 days), Suzuki SX4 (56 days), Skoda Kamiq (55.9 days) and Skoda Citigo (55.2 days)

By comparison, the fastest selling car over the past 12 months was the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, which took an average of 23.9 days to find a new home.

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