Utah Sled Dogs Dash Through Snow in 'Synchronized Dance'

A team of sled dogs was captured in a drone video as they dashed through the snow near Oakley, Utah, recently.

This aerial video taken by Scott Taylor, who said he filmed it on December 18, shows the dogs pulling their musher. “This was the most awe-inspiring thing I have ever seen while filming with my drone,” Taylor told Storyful. “The way these dogs ran in unison, their speed, and the control the musher had with them.”

The speedy canines work for Luna Lobos Dog Sledding, according to Taylor. Luna Lobos, which is described on its website as a “true local year-round dog sled operation,” offers musher training and other services.

“It was like watching a synchronized dance,” said Taylor. “All one unit.” Credit: Scott Taylor via Storyful

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