Utility Pole in Wisconsin Bursts Into Flames as Derecho Downs Trees in Midwest

A home security camera captured a utility pole bursting into flames in Pittsville, Wisconsin, on December 15, as a destructive derecho downed a tree that broke a power line.

This footage, recorded by Shannon Milla, shows sparks and flames erupting from the pole.

“A tree next door at my neighbor’s fell on the power lines, and the line was on top of her car,” Milla said. “The fire department came out, blocked off the roads, and shut the power off for a few hours,” she added.

Pittsville Fire Company Chief Gerald Minor told Storyful, “A tree came down just to the east across a high voltage power line, breaking wires. It’s an extremely dangerous situation to be around. We shut down the area. Some people couldn’t come out of their home at all because there was live power on the ground.

Minor added, "During the storm we had winds of up to 70 mph in the area.” Credit: Shannon Milla via Storyful

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