Valentine’s Day: These London bars will give you a free drink if you donate an item of your ex’s clothing

Valentine’s Day is loved by many but for people who have just endured break-ups, it’s a day to forget  (Handout)
Valentine’s Day is loved by many but for people who have just endured break-ups, it’s a day to forget (Handout)

Going through a break-up? A London bar chain might have found a way to make Valentine’s Day feel less painful.

Revolution is not promising that you will find true love again, but you can at least move on from your heartache in style. If you visit one of its bars on February 14, you’ll receive a free shot of your choice if you bring in an item of clothing that belonged to your ex. The item will be donated to charity.

There are 48 Revolution bars nationwide taking part, and in London you can find them in Clapham High Street, Leadenhall Street and Putney.

“Holding on to your ex's clothes? Bring it to us and we'll burn [them],” says a statement on Revolution’s website.

Revolution in Putney (Google Maps)
Revolution in Putney (Google Maps)

“We’re not out here lighting fires, but we are taking a negative and turning it into a positive.

“If you’re still holding on to your ex’s hoodie, tracksuit, or you might just really hate that pair of jeans, bring it to your local Revs and we’ll donate it to charity for you. Wash it down with a shot of flavour, and close off that chapter of your life.”

Revolution has stressed, however, that pants and socks are not welcome.

The statement added: “We're not actually going to burn it, but we will donate it to charity for you and give you a shot to celebrate. This year we're all about ex amnesty.”

The bar group has even suggested five films to watch on Valentine’s Day which might warm the hearts of those not in a relationship. These are: The First Wives Club, Get Out, Closer, What Men Want, and Kill Bill.

What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day started as a Christian feast day honouring one or two early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine. However, the event has since become a more commercialised celebration of romance.

According to legend, St Valentine of Rome was put in prison in the third century for practising early Christianity. It is said he restored the sight of the blind daughter of his jailer and, before he was executed, he wrote a card signed “Your Valentine”. And so the tradition began.

When is Valentine’s Day 2023?

Valentine’s Day always falls on February 14.

It is sadly not a public holiday anywhere but is still celebrated in its traditional sense in orthodox churches.