The Valleys: The lads chat to us about MTV’s brand new reality show

MTV have another hit on their hands as they take their reality camera over the The Valleys!

We spoke to the lads of the show about how they hope their lives will change forever.


How did you react when you found out you would be on the show?

Leeroy: I was over the moon. There were no words to describe how I was feeling

Aron: I just knew it would change my life

Liam: It was a good feeling

Darren Chidgey: I was fist pumping in my living room

Liam: I was double fist pumping

Chidgey: Had to take my top off cause I was sweating

Did you feel pressure to match the success of Geordie shore?

Chidgey: Geordie’s class

Aron: With Geordie we can make a bit of a comparison obviously and they’ve done really well for themselves and we’re all big fans.

Chidgey: We partier even harder but we work just as hard

Liam: The work side is really important for all of us because we’ve given up a lot of things to be in the show and we just want it to be a success

What do you hope to get out of the show?

Chidgey: I’ve always wanted to be a model, clothes, underwear and some other things which I’m pretty excited about. I’ve always wanted to do something like Calvin Klein adverts.

Leeroy: I’m a rapper/songwriter and I’ve done it all my life. Hoepfully I want to achieve world wide record sales but I also love to make beats and just anything to do with music.

Liam: I’m an asprining DJ. Our mentor has taken me under his wing and been teaching me and coaching me. One day I hope to be out in Ibiza and being like David Guetta something like that.

Aron: I’ve been kickboxing for 15 years and three times world champion at kickboxing so I just want to use my expertise and knowledge and start getting into the promotional side of it and putting on my own events and stuff.

 If you can compare yourself to a celebrity who would it be?

Aron: Early days Jean Claude Van Dam

Liam: A superstar DJ or if not then Chris Moyles.

Leeroy: I can’t really think because I’d like to be myself.  I’d like to achieve the same as then it would be Tinie Tempah, Labrinth and those sorts of artists. I just want someone to be saying they want to be as big as me one day.

Chidgey: I honestly don’t know.

Liam: Come on... just say you wanna be like David Beckham

Chidgey: I just wanna be someone. I don’t want to feel like I’m settling. I left school, became a brick layer and I was good at it but it’s not what I want to do.

Who would be your ideal celebrity partner?

Aron: Mine would be Mila Kunis. She’s insane

Chidgey: Maria Fowler’s hot. Lucy from towie’s hot. Cheryl Cole, Megan Fox.

Liam: I think I would turn for Rihanna

I’d swing for her and then I’d swing right back for the athlete Louis Smith

Aron, you wear showing off some major cleavage in the promotional shots, were did you get that top from? Was it custom made or something?

A: My mum makes them for me. Only joking, got it from Topman. It helps me show off my chest on a night out. Get to show off my pecs a little bit.

Have any off you guys been trying to learn how to move your pecs like Aron does?

Leeroy: Nah, we’re alright.

Chidgey: I’d rather focus on someone else tits to be honest.

Speaking of boobs, how did you feel when you first met the girls?

Aron: I think we were all like whoa

Chidgey: I just thought typical valley girls

Liam: When I walked in I was like look at these glammed up tits. Then I was like OMG what have I let myself in for?

Aron:  All I remember was Jenna and her boobs.

Liam: What about Nicole and her Technicolor dream coat? With no knickers on and no bra. I felt like an outcast.

Chidgey: The thing is these girls actually walk round the valley like that.

Liam: Then we had this one just sat there in his boxers

Chidgey: I was greeted by Aron wrapping himself around me and he was just there in his pants.

Why didn’t you put your trousers back on?

Aron: I’m just f*cking keen aren’t I? I was showing off my bulge.

Liam: But did you have socks down there?

Aron: Of course I didn’t.

Liam: See chidgey you have no excuse

Chidgey: Hey, that beach was cold

Aron: I just felt comfortable, it was like I was at home already

What’s was the worst part of living in the house?

Leeroy: Just missing your friends and family.

 Just your normal routine because we weren’t used to that type of life. It was just hard getting into it

Chidgey: Seeing different sides of people all the time.

Going from you first impressions and then a couple of weeks down the line just being like ‘I was totally wrong about that person. There’s so much more to them’

Liam: I think a lot of the bitchiness started at the early stages because everyone went in as individual with their own persona how they thought they want to come across.

Then after a week, everyone was like I just need to be myself and then we all started to get along. Apart from one or two people.

Chidgey: Certain people had a front that got broken down over time. We’ve come so far from going in to that house and not knowing each other. Just getting to know each other and then getting ot this point. It’s crazy

How do your family and friends feel about you being on the show?

Leeroy: My mum is over the moon that I’ve been given an opportunity to leave the valleys and pursue what I’ve always wanted to pursue

Aron: I think they understand that it’s such a massive opportunity that they wouldn’t want us to turn it down. It’s such a massive thing and i think all out families understand.

Chidgey: I don’t think they totally understand what we’ve got ourselves into.

Liam: My old man is not happy that I left the family business but he’s supporting me for the fact that I’m trying to do something for myself. I don’t think he’s gonna be watching it to be honest.

Chidgey: With my family, it goes to say I’ve been given everything i want. I’ve been quite spoilt and i’m very grateful. This is something  we’ve gone out and got for ourselves. We’ve gone through the whole audition process our selves. This is all off our own backs. I think my parents are over the moon to be honest.

Liam: I bet you a tenner Chidgey’s mum filled out the application form for him

Would you be up for a valleys vs Geordie shore?

Leeroy: I’m hoping that happens.

Chidgey: That would be class

Liam: It would be sick wouldn’t it.

Leeroy: I’m praying that happens

Chidgey: I can’t see them doing it, it’s be too manic

I don’t think they’d put that on TV

Aron: I think that would be insane.

The Valleys premieres September 25 on MTV

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