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See why Amazon shoppers are lapping up this $11 collapsible water bottle

Whether you place them into your backpack, handbag or carry-on suitcase, water bottles take up a considerable amount of space. Should you upgrade to the gallon-size jugs, you're basically walking around lugging 10-pound weights. But, what if we told you there was an easier way to hydrate while on the go, and it'll cost you only $11? The Valourgo Collapsible Water Bottle has gotten us through this scorching hot summer, and it'll surely be your new favorite accessory in due time!

This wonder features a unique leak-proof valve to keep liquids from spilling and a squeeze-to-drink design with a thick and flexible silicone body that molds to your grip.

$11 at Amazon

The bottle is manufactured with BPA-free food-grade silicone, eliminating tastes, odors and most importantly, keeping it environmentally friendly. When finished, just roll it up and clip it into place and toss it in your bag. It's about the size of a wallet at that point, so it's sure to fit. Cleaning is a breeze, too; all it takes is a quick go-round in the dishwasher.

two people on a hike; one is using a blue water bottle
Hydration has never looked so good. (Photo: Amazon)

"I’ve bought so many water bottles for my kids for school, and none of them made it out the house since I have boys and water bottles aren’t cool. I bought these and let me tell you!! They actually love them and like taking them to school! Will definitely recommend!" shared a satisfied customer.

Another exclaimed: "Purchased for a European vacation. It arrived 30 minutes before I left for the airport, so I quickly followed the “soak in lemon water” tip for as long as I could wait. I never had odd flavors or smells with this water bottle. I carried it everywhere on our trip. I will say that the initial learning curve took a few times to get adjusted to, but I’m very pleased with this water bottle. I kept it full 99% of the time, and only collapsed it a couple times until I could find a fountain. Overall, I’m glad I took it with me."

"Easy to drink. So easy to roll up and store when not using," raved a fan. "Highly recommend if going on a road trip or hiking or even traveling to a theme park. I received so many compliments on this bottle from random people everywhere."

There you have it. From traveling to a day at the park, your adventures are incomplete without the Valourgo Collapsible Water Bottle.

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A wide mouth and silicone body make this water bottle super easy to clean—snag it in blue, green, or pink.

$11 at Amazon

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