Vancouver Construction Project Transports Historic Home to New 'Up'-like Development

Linemen and road crews helped on March 30 with the relocation of a historic house in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood, where it will serve as the centerpiece of a quirky development reminiscent of the movie Up.

The home, known as the Coulter House, is part of a larger construction project focused on preserving the authentic character of the neighborhood while also introducing new industrial opportunities for local businesses.

“Our architect worked to find a balance between the historic and new elements of the building, creating a minimalistic design around the house to position it as a focal point rather than overshadowing it," said Michelle Sotomayor, spokesperson for the project.

This video shows the home being transported. It will soon be incorporated into the site of a four-story office building.

According to Sotomayor, there are several other construction projects across Vancouver that are integrating older facades into newer buildings in an effort to preserve various neighborhoods. Credit: David Zura via Storyful