Four vandals face jail after causing £40,000 damage by smashing 86 cars in one night 'for fun'

Four men have been found guilty of criminal damage (SWNS)

Four men are facing jail after they smashed up 86 cars in a single night — because they thought it would be a laugh.

Adam Guy, 23, Kieran Painter, 18, Lewis Watts, 21, and Tyron Cotterill, 19, caused £40,000 worth of damage on a wrecking spree on the evening of New Year’s Day and early hours of January 2.

 The gang used a wrench, crowbar and two knives to smash windscreens, attack bodywork and slash tyres in the rural Vale of Belvoir, Leicestershire.

The gang caused £40,000 worth of damage (SWNS)
A crowbar and wrench were used to smash windows (SWNS)

Guy, Painter and Watts, of nearby Melton, admitted six counts of criminal damage when they appeared at Leicester Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

Cotterill, of Beaumont Leys, Leicester, and Watts, also admitted various motoring offences related to the spree of destruction.

Prosecutor Liz Dodds said: “The charges relate to 86 vehicles damaged between January 1 and January 2.

“During a relatively short period of time, offences were being reported across the county.

Tyron Cotterill, 19, left, has admitted motoring offences related to the spree. Lewis Watts, 21, right, has admitted six counts of criminal damage (SWNS)
Adam Guy, 23, right, and Kieran Painter, 18, who have admitted six counts of criminal damage

“They caused extensive damage and it had an extremely detrimental effect on a large number of people at a difficult time of the year.

“One of the four had an issue with somebody and their car was damaged.

“To make it less obvious they decided to extend the damage to an indiscriminate spree. They said they thought it would be fun.

The four damaged 86 cars in one night (SWNS)
The four will be sentenced later this month (SWNS)
The rampage happened 10 miles from Leicester (SWNS)

“Christmas events had to be cancelled, health appointments have been missed, children were left unable to sleep and various plans couldn’t go to fruition.”

Chris Bonnington, 32, had his BMW’s rear window smashed in Thurmaston. He
said: “I heard some noises outside at about 6.30am.

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“I went outside to find my rear screen smashed and I could hear more noises coming from nearby.

“I got my other car defrosted and as I was doing that three lads in a black Vauxhall Vectra pulled up before driving off at speed.”

They were bailed and ordered to return to Leicester Crown Court for sentencing later this month.