Vandals Smash Pumpkins and Wreck Decorations Outside Oregon Home

Halloween decorations brightening the outside of a home in Gresham, Oregon, were trashed by a group of masked vandals on the night of October 23.

Footage recorded by Willie J Shaffer’s Ring doorbell camera captures the incident, as a hooded group of four are seen at his family’s front door smashing pumpkins.

“We had carved pumpkins that afternoon, and my 8-year-old and 3-year-old were very excited,” Shaffer told Storyful. “I was in shock, disgusted, and disheartened that someone [could] be so selfish and destructive.”

The four vandals are later seen trying to drive off with Shaffer’s inflatable Halloween light, disconnecting and displacing Shaffer’s decorative outdoor lights.

Shaffer said he didn’t report the incident to the police, as he believed they “would not come out for something so minor in today’s world and state of affairs.” Credit: Willie J.Shaffer via Storyful

Video transcript