Vandals target Glasgow's oldest house as spray paint blights memorial for bereaved parents

Provan Hall House was targetted by vandals
-Credit: (Image: Provan Hall House)

Those who help run Glasgow's oldest house have been left 'saddened' as the heritage site was damaged by vandals spray painting the wall and paths.

Provan Hall House, located in Easterhouse, issued an apology on social media after the heritage site was damaged last week.

The site's Simba Tree of Tranquillity, which is dedicated to bereaved parents in memory of their babies, was also impacted by graffiti.

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The post on Facebook reads: "Regrettably, there has been some vandalism at Provan Hall. The area was broken into and walls and paths have been spray-painted.

"We apologise if this affects the experience some visitors have when they visit our beautiful building, and we are working with our partners to repair the damage as quickly as possible.

"It is distressing that damage was also caused in the area of the newly installed Simba Tree of Tranquillity, although thankfully the tree itself was left untouched. This area is dedicated for bereaved parents to honour the memory of their babies and graffiti in this area is particularly upsetting."

A spokesperson from Simba said: "We are deeply saddened to hear about the recent vandalism at Provan Hall. While we are thankful that our newly re-installed Tree of Tranquillity has remained untouched, the graffiti around the Tree will no doubt cause distress to local families.

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"We are actively working closely with our friends at Provan Hall to restore the area to the original serene and beautiful space it was, so that bereaved parents can continue to visit and honour their babies.

"We will continue to work in partnership to ensure this area is protected and preserved.”

Angered residents quickly took to the comments to show their disgust at the vandals' actions.

One said: "Disgusting behaviour, I have watched the hard work that has been done by the talented restoration team and the work the volunteers do. A beautiful hidden medieval gem in the heart of Easterhouse."

Another added: "Absolutely disgusting behaviour.

"All the hard work of every single person that's put into Provan Hall House and its grounds. It's such a shame it's time now to have security installed all around it to catch the culprits that go about destroying things."

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