Vandals trash barber shop linked to Nicola Bulley ghoul who filmed police removing her body from river

Angry locals have targeted a barber shop linked to the TikTok ghoul who filmed police removing Nicola Bulley's body from a river. Hairdresser Curtis Arnold, 34, made almost £1,000 in royalties by posting footage of officers recovering the tragic mum-of-two from the River Wyre in Lancashire. Since being exposed, the controversial TikToker has faced an angry backlash from members of the public who have now targeted a business where he worked. Grade One Barbers, in Kidderminster, Worcs., was daubed in graffiti over the weekend with giant letters spelling out the word “N**CE!”. When the shop was contacted for comment, Mr Arnold answered and said he no longer worked there. He said: "It's not really fair on the owner. "The name of the shop is very well known. I've only been there a short time". Some of the graffiti had been removed by this afternoon (Thurs) but the barbers was empty. One local resident, who did not want to be named, said: "I noticed it there at the start of the week but to be honest I didn't know he worked there. "I knew he was local but somebody has obviously taken exception to his behaviour and took matters into their own hands to make a point. "You can't agree with what he did but it's not nice to see this, there's lots of families around her and they don't want to be seeing words like that." Mr Arnold runs the 'Curtis Media' account on TikTok, YouTube and Facebook and had been uploading videos on the missing person investigation in Lancashire. He had previously posted footage of "a possible burial site” while the Lancashire Police search was still underway. The content creator claims that subsequent media coverage about his Nicola Bulley video has had a "devastating impact" on his life. In a recent video on his channel he said: “I’ve been assaulted, I’ve had my workplace damaged, I’ve had my car damaged. "I’ve had people come to the house, I’ve had my personal address posted all over Facebook and shared. Safe to say I've learned my lesson." Mr Arnold has apologised and says he has anonymously donated "five times the amount" the video made in royalties to the family of Nicola Bulley. He admitted his video would have caused them distress and added: "It can't have been a nice thing for them to have seen and I'm sorry about that."