Vanessa Feltz wants Countdown job

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Vanessa Feltz wants to host Countdown credit:Bang Showbiz
Vanessa Feltz wants to host Countdown credit:Bang Showbiz

Vanessa Feltz would "love to" host 'Countdown'.

The 60-year-old presenter has put herself forward to replace Anne Robinson following the news she is set to depart the quiz show after just a year, and amid speculation the former 'Weakest Link' host was difficult to work with and didn't get on with maths whizz Rachel Riley, Vanessa insisted she wouldn't cause any problems for producers.

She told the Sunday Mirror newspaper's Watts the Goss column: "I don't know why she has ended it but I would love to do it. So if they ask, I'm in.

"Tell them I am cheaper than Anne Robinson, I shall be polite, I shall be charming and I am already friendly with Rachel as we did 'Strictly' together.

"As far as I am concerned, she can be as loud as she likes and as vibrant as she likes. She can play rap music on the set as loud as she likes. I would not be nasty and snide."

Vanessa fell out with Anne in 2006 when she appeared on a celebrity version of 'The Weakest Link' and claimed the host make "racist" comments about her now-fiance, Ben Ofoedu.

According to Vanessa, Anne said in comments that were never aired: "Vanessa Feltz, looking the way you do, how do you think you land all these big black boyfriends?"

Meanwhile, Anne, 77, insisted earlier this week she was not feuding with Rachel or Dictionary Corner's lexicographer Susie Dent, though she acknowledged she didn't spend a lot of time with them.

She said: "The way that it’s filmed is so tight that ... we don’t have time to talk to each other.

"Between shows we have a ten-minute turn around to get changed. We can go for almost a whole run without doing more than waving to each other from the end of a corridor.

"I’m not saying I would go on holiday with Rachel Riley, but she is brilliant

"Absolutely honestly, I do admire her – she is really, really good at what she does, as is Susie Dent.

"Look, Rachel has just come back from having a baby and she is standing throughout and faultless, whereas I get to sit down.

"She is noisy, yes she and Susie both are – they are a formidable pair those two."

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