Vapers Destroy Their E-Cigarettes in Wake of Health Warnings

Media coverage of the potential negative effects of vaping, including several deaths linked to their use in the US, has sparked an online trend where people are documenting and sharing the destruction of their e-cigarette devices.

Health officials have indicated as many as five deaths could be linked to vaping, while around 450 possible cases of health problems stemming from their use have also been identified.

The US Surgeon General has warned specifically against the use of e-cigarettes by adolescents, pointing to potentially negative effects on brain development.

Now, e-cigarette users have begun taking to the internet to publicly denounce vaping, and even destroy and bin their devices for good measure.

Indiana native Jessie Fanch threw her Juul out of a moving car in order to kick her nicotine habit, video here shows. Credit: Jessie Fancher via Storyful