VaporRub and mood swings: Justin Bieber baffles crowd at BST Hyde Park show

Justin Bieber was hoping to end the European leg of his ‘Purpose’ world tour on a triumphant note in London on Sunday, but his show at British Summer Time Hyde Park will be remembered for his use of Vicks vapor rub, a questionable guitar set and the short-tempered star snapping at his dancers to stop chatting during his speech.

Justin Bieber with his guitar (GETTY)
Justin Bieber with his guitar (GETTY)

Oh, and the show-stopping fireworks display!

Wearing a red shirt and black shorts with ‘Tour’ emblazoned across his crotch, Justin opened the show with ‘Where Are U Now?’ and followed it with acoustic performances of ‘Love Yourself’ and ‘Cold Water’ before he ditched the guitar for an Acappella rendition of Usher’s ‘U Got It Bad’.

It was a nice touch, but the acoustic set went on too long and it muted the crowd after an exciting opener.

Later Justin, 23, asked people not to judge him as he was forced to blow his nose on a towel because he has a cold.

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He added: “You guys know what Vicks is, right? You know when your mum rubs it on your chest? I usually use Olbas oil but I’ve used VapoRub here and now all that stuff is stuck in my nose. I’m having a rough night. Don’t judge me.”

To be fair on the Canadian star he refused to let his snotty nose stop him from singing his hits ‘Company’, ‘Boyfriend,’ ‘As Long As You Love Me’ and of course, ‘Baby’ – to which the crowd went wild.

However, Justin seemed bored on stage for a lot of the set. It was lacklustre to say the least. He sat down for a notable amount of time and once disappeared backstage without explanation or music to fill the dead air.

Those aren’t tears. Justin had a cold and sat down for a rest at his BST Hyde Park Calling show (GETTY)
Those aren’t tears. Justin had a cold and sat down for a rest at his BST Hyde Park Calling show (GETTY)

He did reveal his nice-guy side when he invited a dance troupe of children on stage and gave each of them a warm hug as he introduced them to the crowd, but in contrast he snapped at his own backing dancers, who appeared happy and excited and shared a few words as they waited for the singer to finish his monologue.

Instead of shrugging off their accidental slight, he ordered them to be quiet in a ‘joking, not joking’ manner and said “what could be more important than what I’m saying?”.

There are too many things going on in the world to mention right now, Justin.

He also made a dig about Hyde Park’s BST fairground carousel. He said: “That looks like fun, said nobody ever”.

The same could be said about your stage presence, Biebs.

Favorite moments

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It honestly wasn’t all that bad. His fans were ecstatic to see him, his backing dancers were incredible performers, his songs are catchy bangers and we are thankful he powered through his horrible cold to deliver an enjoyable set overall.

Justin also boasted an impressive supporting lineup with Anne-Marie, Tove Lo, Naughty Boy, Nina Nesbitt and Martin Garrix entertaining the crowd at Sunday’s Barclaycard presents BST Hyde Park calling.

The Killers and Kings of Leon will play later this week.


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