Vaselinetjie coming to the big screen this spring

Cape Town - Anoeschka von Meck’s celebrated youth novel, Vaselinetjie is getting the big screen treatment.

Vaselinetjie (Helena) Bosman has stolen the hearts of readers since the book’s first release in 2004. 

It tells the story of Helena ‘Vaselinetjie’ Bosman, a white girl raised by her loving coloured grandparents in a remote rural village in the Northern Cape, South Africa. However, upon learning that Vaselinetjie is not their biological grandchild, the welfare intervenes and decides to send Vaselinetjie to a state orphanage in the far away city of Johannesburg.

Vaselinetjie is a story about defining your identity and race within the turmoil of post Apartheid South Africa. 

Nicole Bond and Marguerite Van Eeden make their big screen debut as both older and younger Vaselinetjie.

Other cast members include Arno Greeff, Elzet Nel, Elani Dekker, Marise Loots, Anchen Du Plessis, Daniah De Villies, Royston Stoffels and Shaleen Surtie-Richards.

The film is set to hit cinemas Friday, 22 September. 

See some behind-the-scenes pics here: