VE Day in colour: Amazing images show end-of-WWII victory celebrations ahead of 75th anniversary

A series of colourised pictures show celebrations erupting as the end of the Second World War in Europe was declared 75 years ago.

The anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day is set to be marked on Friday this week with a national bank holiday and social distancing street parties across the UK.

Germany’s unconditional surrender took place on Tuesday, 8 May 1945 and was followed by wild celebrations across Europe.

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Recently colourised pictures show Winston Churchill being swarmed by a sea of joyous Brits and street parties taking place in Manchester.

Other photos show a group of 30 people crammed onto a Royal Armed Forces (RAF) lorry and a tea party held for 300 schoolchildren in London posing at a 'V' for victory shaped table.

The term VE Day was first coined as early as September 1944 to honour the eventual date of the end of Second World War in Europe.

The US recognises the end of the war later in the year on 14 August 1945, when president Harry Truman announced that Imperial Japan would formally surrender.

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