I’ve been to Taylor Swift Eras Tour — here are my top tips, including when to go to the toilet

Taylor Swift performs on stage at the Groupama Stadium as part of  The Eras Tour
-Credit: (Image: JEFF PACHOUD/AFP via Getty Images)

With Taylor Swift's Era's Tour having well and truly landed in the UK, her legion of fans have already been treated or are descending on the upcoming venues ready for the epic show that awaits. On Tuesday, she plays the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, with those with standing tickets ready to camp outside for the chance at being just that bit closer to the stage. You can follow live Taylor Swift coverage here.

Ahead of her Cardiff date, global superstar Taylor kicked off the European leg of her tour with dates in Liverpool, Edinburgh, and Paris - where this writer was lucky enough to attend. Now with the show only getting closer, fans have been eager to learn what to expect from the three and half hour show - including just when to go to the toilet.

Here are some of my top tips for attending the Eras Tour...

What should I wear?

Taylor Swift in concert
Fans are getting ready for tomorrow night's concert in Cardiff -Credit:John Shearer/TAS24/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Plenty of themed outfits have gone viral after attendees rocked up to the tour as previous iterations of Taylor herself, or as things and people mentioned in songs (including one TikToker who dressed up as the red scarf from All Too Well). And while those attendees will likely have had their outfits planned for months, other fans may still be wondering just what to wear. The answer is, well, anything you like! You can go all out with glitter and sparkles if you wish but you also won't be alone in opting for a t-shirt and jeans - you can always just say you're celebrating the country roots of Taylor's debut album.

When and where can I get merch?

Throughout the European leg of the Eras Tour, most locations have started selling merch a day or two early, with Cardiff as no exception to this. Merch can already be purchased at the Principality Stadium and at the nearby Utilita Arena on Mary Ann Street. For those waiting till they arrive to buy merchandise then you'll still be able to purchase everything from t-shirts and water bottles, to blankets and hoodies, however, you may end up queuing for quite some time.

Taylor Swift merchandise lorry outside the Principality Stadium ahead of the concert
Merchandise is already on sale in Cardiff -Credit:Richard Swingler Photography

What can I expect from the setlist?

With the concert lasting three and a half hours (yes you read that right) there are plenty of songs from each of Taylor's albums and 'eras', however, it's still not quite long enough for every single one of her songs. Each album or 'Era' has its own section in the show, although for European dates the Folklore and Evermore section has been combined in order to make room for songs from Taylor's latest album The Tortured Poet's Department.

And along with these themed sets there will also be an acoustic section where Taylor will play 'surprise songs' that are not on the official setlists. She has also been known to play mashups of her songs in this section, with recent ones including Would've, Could've, Should've/I Know Places, This Is What You Came For/Gold Rush, and Fresh Out The Slammer/High Infidelity.

Taylor Swift
The Eras Tour lasts for a whopping three and a half hours -Credit:Jane Barlow/PA Wire

Why do people wear friendship bracelets?

Throughout the Eras tour fans have been making and swapping friendship bracelets. This began as a reference to the lyric 'So, make the friendship bracelets' from You're On Your Own, Kid but have now begun to take on a life of their own with fans exchanging homemade bracelets with each other at the show.

When should I go to the loo?

While stories previously went viral of Swifties wearing adult nappies so they don't miss anything, this isn't really a necessity. Depending on what time you arrive at the stadium there should be plenty of time to queue for the loo. There is also a break in between Paramore's opening act and Taylor arrival on stage which is the perfect time to duck out and use the loo. And if you really need to go during the show, just pick your least favourite song (yes they're all great but we all have our least favourites), at least then you won't have to queue!