Veep showrunner on how long the political comedy has left

Gregory Wakeman
[Image via HBO]

The way ‘Veep’s’ fifth season concluded left many fans assuming that its end was in sight. After becoming the president for a brief amount of time, only to have it taken away from her, Selina Meyer then had to watch Laura Montez become the 46th President of the United States, and it was hard to imagine where the show might go.

The trailers for its sixth season proved that ‘Veep’ still has plenty more story left to tell, and now its showrunner David Mandel has admitted that Selina Meyer’s departure from The White House has breathed new life into the show, and actually works as a new beginning.

“I think the post-presidency has opened us up to so many storylines and places Selina can go in her continuing quest for relevancy,” David Mandel told Entertainment Weekly. “I’m not saying there’s 10 more years of the show, but I think people will be excited that they now get to see what’s next. There’s some life there. We’ve got some ideas of how long this thing can actually go on, but at the same time, we’re excited about this new world.”

It actually makes sense that David Mandel is buzzing with so many ideas for where he can take ‘Veep’. That’s because the former ‘Saturday Night Live’, ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ writer has only been working as ‘Veep’s’ showrunner and executive producer since the beginning of its fifth season.

Plus, since the current political minefield becomes more and more volatile with every passing day of Donald Trump’s presidency the world and pop culture landscape is ripe for shows of ‘Veep’s’ ilk. We’ll finally get to see what it can muster up in response to the current Commander In Chief, and how it sets up both the show and Selina Meyer’s future when the sixth season of ‘Veep’ debuts on Sky Atlantic on April 18 at 10:10pm.