Vegan 'Bake Off' viewers angry at judges mocking veganism and 'not taking it seriously'

Great British Bake Off (Credit: Channel 4)
Great British Bake Off (Credit: Channel 4)

Veganism might as well have been beamed down from space on last night’s episode of The Great British Bake Off, and vegan viewers weren’t happy about it.

Persistent remarks by the judges, the hosts (were comments like ‘you have five vegan minutes left’ really necessary?) and also the attitudes of contestants put noses out of joint across the land of those who favour a plant-based diet.

Paul Hollywood was quoted at the launch of the series, in which the first ever vegan week was announced, saying: “Veganism seems to be growing and we wanted to represent it on the Bake Off this year, and that’s why it’s in.

“You’ve got to judge [the vegan baking challenge] the same way you would judge it on a conventional. You can’t judge it and say ‘it’s ok for vegan,’ it’s got to taste good. Period. So we judged it and we were surprised.”

But there was little of that acceptance evident last night, and he remained pretty clearly sceptical throughout the episode.

Viewers picked up on it too.

Others have kicked back at the criticism of having a vegan week in the first place.

Firm, but fair.

Welshman Jon Jenkins clattered out of the competition last night, after three pretty dicey bakes.

But in his honour, all contestants will wear a Hawaiian shirt, his trademark throughout the show, for the first ever ‘Danish week’ next week.

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