Velveeta Just Launched a New Hair Dye — and No, It's Not a Prank

It's $7.50 on Amazon.



It's April 1, which means companies all over the world are doing the most when it comes to trying to prank us all. But Velveeta promises its newest release is anything but a joke.

On Monday, the company best known for its brightly colored cheese announced it is getting into the personal care game with Velveeta Gold, its very first hair dye. And it promised Food & Wine — over and over again — that it indeed isn't a joke. 

“La Dolce Velveeta is a lifestyle — always confident and forever in service of living by your own rules,” Stephanie Vance, brand manager for Velveeta, shared in a statement about the new product. “We are always looking for new ways to help fans live La Dolce Velveeta, and hair was the perfect place for us to invite pleasure seekers to proudly express themselves and show off their unique style and individuality.”

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As part of the launch, the brand tapped the ultimate "muse," Julia Fox, who rocked the hair color at Sunday's Knicks game in New York City.

<p>Velveeta</p> Julia Fox debuted Velveeta's limited-release hair dye at the March 31 Knicks game in New York City.


Julia Fox debuted Velveeta's limited-release hair dye at the March 31 Knicks game in New York City.

"Julia and I were both pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the gold color is," John Novotny, Fox’s hair stylist, shared with People. "It’s a warmer yellow [reminiscent of] a warm sunny day or a delicious bowl of mac and cheese."

Velvetta's semi-permanent hair dye is available only on Amazon (again, this is some incredible commitment to the bit if this is indeed an April Fools joke) and comes in a four-ounce jar, which the brand says is "enough to cover a head of short hair." All users need to do is apply it evenly to dry hair and allow it to process for 20 minutes before rinsing it with a mild shampoo and water.

The jar costs just $7.50, which happens to also be the price of a Velveeta cheese loaf and is only available for a limited time … which we hope is through at least April 2. 

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