Venomous Snake Pops Up Behind Family’s Toaster

Queensland snake catcher Stuart McKenzie was called to a home a week ago to trap an eastern brown snake. After an hour’s searching, he failed to find the snake. A week later he returned; this time, the snake had popped up behind the family’s toaster.

“This is pretty incredible,” McKenzie says in video from February 26, describing his first efforts to catch the snake. “Now,” he says, “a week later, we think this is the same snake … it’s on top of the kitchen bench hiding behind the toaster.”

“This will be very interesting trying to catch a brown snake at chest level,” McKenzie says before dragging the meter-plus-long snake away from the counter and safely bagging it.

“Always gets the heart racing,” he says. Credit: Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 via Storyful