Ventra app crashes on first day of Metra ticketing changes

The Ventra app crashed Thursday morning leaving Metra passengers stranded on the first day of new ticketing changes and procedures.

Metra first posted about the technical issues just after 8 a.m. on X, the site formerly known as Twitter.

“Conductors have been notified and are allowing passengers to ride until the issue is resolved,” the transit agency said.

Metra’s new fare structure was implemented Thursday, and all ticketing windows at the station were closed. Passengers can now only purchase fares through the app, ticket vending machines and train conductors.

The app first began to slow down at around 5:44 a.m., and completely stopped working about an hour later, according to Metra spokesperson Meg Reile. The cause remains unknown.

“We’re accommodating passengers and working to resolve the issue,” Reile said.