Vera Wang turns 71 as she shares ageless Instagram pictures and celebrates Pride

Megan C. Hills
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Instagram / @verawanggang
Instagram / @verawanggang

Vera Wang turned 71 yesterday, but you never would have guessed it as the near-immortal looking star’s recent Instagram posts have had fans asking if she has found the elixir of youth.

Wang celebrated with some appropriate social distancing, sharing a picture of herself posing with some unusual party attendees: four gigantic stuffed toy bears.

She posed hugging one of the giant bears as she showed off her outfit at the same time, wearing towering stiletto boots, a raincoat and athleisure as she wrote: "Huggy Bear ... 🧸❤️ when it rains on your birthday, a raincoat comes in handy!"

A custom birthday cake was sent to the fashion designer to celebrate and featured a collage of her best looks all over the icing.

The top picture featured one of Wang’s most recent outfits, a sheer black mesh top and yellow shorts worn with a rainbow manicure for Pride Month.

She posed with her face turned away from the camera in towering heels as the train of her top trailed along the floor.

Fans celebrated Wang’s look in the comments, with one writing that “she looks late 30s” as others praised her for celebrating Pride and her “modeling skills.”

She also shared a snap of her “Pride athleisure look” - a rainbow mani, black sports bra, Balenciaga leggings and (naturally) Vera Wang-branded sunglasses.

While Wang has yet to share her skincare routine, she did post a few of her “favourite things” on Instagram. She shared what appeared to be a birthday cake from 2018 modelled to look like some of her favourite treats, including a croissant, hot dog, bottle of vodka with a cocktail shaker and a Chinese takeaway box.

Besides her Pride manicure portraits, Wang also spent the weekend posting additional Pride, birthday videos and a shout out to her birthday twin H.E.R.

One saw her embark on a one-woman parade as she walked around New York hoisting a flag over her head, calling for people to remember the Stonewall Riots as well as transwomen Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera.

She also shared a video of a young girl called Aubrey singing happy birthday to her. Aubrey is an Instagram personality whose account sees her sing happy birthday to various celebrities.

Wang’s followers have previously demanded to know where “the fountain of youth” is from the fashion designer. After a tweet compiling photos of Wang in a sports bra, ballgown and other outfits were shared on Twitter with the caption “VERA WANG IS 70?!?!”, many began to comment on how ageless she looked.

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Category is... Backyard bling 🧡💎 ✨

A post shared by VERA WANG (@verawanggang) on May 2, 2020 at 6:37pm PDT

In fact, the original tweet (which has since become inaccessible after the user increased their privacy settings) saw the official Vera Wang Twitter account respond: “Fact Check: Truth.”

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