Vertigo-inducing footage shows Australian hikers travelling to the highest peak on Madeira Island

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The footage shows a crew of Australian hikers travelling to the tallest peak of the Madeira mountain in Portugal.

Jackson Groves and his entourage hiked an intense 20km to see the incredible sights of the mountain peaks.

After trying three times, the group finally made it to the top on their fourth attempt.  

All the hardships of the previous treks became worth it upon making it to the peak laying eyes on the blue skies and an incredibly picturesque view. 

Taking advantage of this once in a career opportunity, Jackson filmed himself running down the snow banks, walking along a narrow ridge on the highest point and even taking a breather to take in the views.

Jackson, who hails from Australia and makes his living as a travel blogger, said: ''We wanted to make the most of the snowy weather in Madeira so did a 20-kilometre trek to see the highest peaks of Madeira covered in snow.

''It often snows at Pico do Arieiro and Pico Ruivo but it's hard to access these spots so we had to hike from a long way without being able to use the roads.

"We tried on four separate occasions and on the last try, we were finally at the summit of Pico Ruivo with clear weather to see the snowy peaks, the other times we had been in a wild snowstorm.

"When the clouds parted, we knew our persistence had paid off and we were treated to some incredibly rare, pristine snow conditions on Madeira Island.

"I was thankful that we persisted for the fourth time and we were finally rewarded."

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