How a Veteran Jazz Pianist Composed a Song for Hillary Clinton

Marcus Roberts
Marcus Roberts

Marcus Roberts first heard titled "Feel the Bern.")

The musician titled his Hillary Clinton composition "It's My Turn" because that's what he imagines himself thinking if he were Clinton. Punchy and full of changes, the song combines an unusual time signature with a clarinet figure loosely reminiscent of Dave Brubeck's "Take Five." The song begins in a minor key and 9/4 time (signaling controversy), then pushes into major territory and 4/4 time (signaling triumph and joy) before returning to the 9/4 time signature.

"All those meter and key changes symbolize constant evolution, and Hillary has certainly evolved from her early days in Arkansas," Roberts says. "The song has a cool stability to it, reflecting her ability to change with time while maintaining her own quiet intensity and relentless purpose."

Roberts at first wanted to title the tune "I Guess I’m Just Overqualified."

"I always say that if I were sick and choosing a doctor, I would want to know that they really did go to medical school, did a residency and even had some specialized training," he says. "Leading a country, especially this one, has got to be a complicated undertaking."

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