Vet's urgent warning for cat owners to never keep certain flowers in the house

Cat in a garden
-Credit: (Image: Getty)

An animal expert has issued a stark warning to cat owners, alongside an unconventional tip that could potentially save their pets' lives.

Dogs and cats get at things they're not supposed to and while most of these things are harmless, some can cause serious harm to our four-legged friends.

Speaking on Instagram, Ben emphasised the deadly threat one favourite bloom poses to cats, Nottingham Live reports. Shocking as it may sound, all parts of Lily plants are highly toxic to felines, which could lead to kidney failure or even death.

Using a plush toy, Ben demonstrated how cats are typically exposed to the dangerous aspects of the flower via pollen. He explained: "Usually they rub up against the plant, the pollen gets on their coat and then they ingest it while they are grooming themselves."

He subsequently revealed a peculiar hack for those instances when your cat has pollen clinging to its fur - a roll of sellotape. Applying the adhesive side of a tape piece diagonally to the fur can effortlessly remove the dust particles.

Pease lilies
Peace lilies are poisonous to cats -Credit:Getty Images

Ben mentioned: "Washing with water simply spreads most of the pollen through the coat whereas sellotape lifts it away nicely." Nevertheless, he sounded a dire alarm for those who find pollen on their cat's coats.

His advice was stern: "If there is any chance your cat has ingested any pollen contact your vet immediately. And better still, if you have a cat, never have lilies in your house. It is really not worth taking a chance."

In his concluding remarks, Ben urged: "If you are a cat owner and are given a bouquet of flowers containing lilies, please do throw/give the lilies away. Not doing so really could kill your cat."

It's not just flowers that pet owners need to be worried about, as there are other toxic naturally occurring substances that can be found in the wild. Dog parents are being urged to keep their pets away from of blue-green algae that forms in pond water, with a warning alerted after a puppy unfortunately died last year.

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