Vibrant flower fashion comes to NYC's concrete jungle

A pop-up art show that blends flowers and fashion has blossomed in New York City's Hudson Yards.

"We've got 14 beautiful mannequins here, all dressed in nothing but fresh flowers to stop people in their tracks, to engage, make people happy. Flowers make everybody happy," said event coordinator and co-founder of Fleurs De Villes Tina Barkley.

Wearing not more than colorful and fragrant flowers including roses, carnations, hydrangeas and tulips, the many of the life-sized mannequins were designed around the theme of New York City.

This is not the first floral exhibition created by Fleurs de Villes. They have cultivated flower events in cities all over the world. But this is their first event in New York.

"What keeps our shows fresh is that the local talent is always different," said Barkley. "Fleurs de Villes is a luxury, global brand, but we always work with local florists in each city to celebrate local, floral talent. So everywhere we go, no matter where we are, no matter which city we go to, it's always different. Every show is completely different."

The 10-day exhibition runs from Friday, October 25 until November 3 at The Shops and Restaurants at Hudson Yards.

(Production: Angela Moore, Andrew Hofstetter)

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