Vick Hope 'banned' from future BBC shows after 'Strictly' fix claims

Laura Hannam
Vick Hope is reportedly ‘banned’ from the BBC. (BBC Pictures)
Vick Hope is reportedly ‘banned’ from the BBC. (BBC Pictures)

Vick Hope is reportedly ‘banned’ from all future BBC shows after she alleged that her Strictly Come Dancing elimination on Sunday night was a ‘fix.’

The 29-year-old Capital FM DJ alleged that she’d been given the axe in favour of Seann Walsh and Katya Jones – who have been the centre of a kissing scandal.

According to The Sun, the BBC are none too happy with her allegations and are branding it as a ‘career-damaging decision.’

“As a TV hopeful it was a pretty stupid thing to do. Execs are less than impressed.

“She’s come across as a bad loser when they’ve done so much to support her. The Beeb won’t be having her back,” the source revealed.

Hope claims that the Strictly judges colluded with show’s producers when it came to elimination time and even hinted that head judge Shirley Ballas disliked her.

(BBC Pictures)
(BBC Pictures)

“We had to have a dance off as well (but) it was very strange – so after the dance off there was a conflab with the producers and then they gave their decision.

“There was this stunned silence, it was a really weird atmosphere,” Hope said on the Capital Breakfast Show.

As for rumours that Ballas took a dislike to her, Hope added that she felt she ‘relished’ on giving her bad scores.

“It was from week one that people were suggesting there was something there, I don’t know. It’s been consistent and Saturday night I really felt it was just weird.

“I’ve not really been spoken to like that. She relished in it,” she said.

Hope’s dance partner Graziano di Prima told The Sun he disagrees.

“I don’t really agree with that. Shirley is an amazing teacher and a professional teacher. So if she said that it’s because it’s true,” he said.

BBC has categorically denied Hope’s ‘fix’ claims and released a public statement that includes:

“It is categorically untrue to imply that producers tell the judges how to score or who to save.”

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