Vick Hope reveals how she first rejected her now fiancé Calvin Harris

Vick Hope has *finally* spilled the beans on the proposal she received from DJ Calvin Harris, after it emerged the pair were an item in early 2022.

BBC Radio 1 presenter Vick, 33, also touched on how she had previously rejected the 39-year-old, before their engagement came five months into their relationship.

Last summer, reports broke that Calvin had got down on one knee on his farm in Ibiza, proposing to Vick with a massive £1million ring. While the pair kept relatively quiet at the time about rumours, Vick has finally given fans an insight into what happened.

"There’s a difference between secrecy and privacy," she told You magazine, before adding of the proposal that a "very precious thing has happened. It was… perfect."

vick hope reveals how she first rejected her now fiancé calvin harris
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Expanding on their desire to keep things under wraps, Vick continued, "We don't really put anything on social media because the time we have together is 'real life' and it's our own. For the first time in a long time, I'm finishing work and going home to a life that is just mine. I'm learning to find balance and peace.

"We both have very busy work schedules: I'll join him when I can and then I come back for my work."

She then went on to share a funny story about how she had rejected Calvin years earlier, when he made a move during his 'Acceptable in the '80s' era, back in 2007. "It's something that we laughed about on our first proper date," she revealed. "We still laugh about it now."

Love that for her.

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