Vicki Michelle Discusses Injuries Sustained From Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side Fight

This summer’s Celebrity Big Brother might be a distant memory to us now, but the drama from *THAT* CBB Bit On The Side fight is continuing to roll on.

ICYMI, it all kicked off between Farrah Abraham and Aisleyne Horgan-Walalce during one of the last episodes of CBBBOTS, with glasses allegedly being thrown, Janice Dickinson reportedly throwing a chair and Vicki Michelle being caught in the middle of the crossfire.


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Vicki has now spoken about how the incident is continuing to affect her health, telling The Mirror: “I’m really feeling rough and am having problems with balance.

“I went to my doctor this morning and he said to me that it’s a problematic side effect and I could feel like it for six weeks, and even then it could go on.

“I want to feel well and I’m just not, which is a shame.”


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We hope Vicki is feeling much better soon. <3

The ‘Allo ‘Allo actress, who is pressing charges against Farrah, previously explained what she believes happened during the fight, telling The Mirror: “I’m in complete and utter shock. If I had been looking the other way I could have got it full in the face, [Farrah] could have blinded me. It was awful.

“She whacked the glass hard like a discus. It was the base of the glass and it shattered in my hair. It all went off, it was like the O.K Corral, it was like being in a Western. I couldn’t believe that that was happening on national television.

“It happened in such an instance that the audience went quiet, they were stunned. They couldn’t believe what they were watching. Rylan Clarke, who was hosting, came up to me afterwards to see if I was alright, he was visibly upset.


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“Aisleyne was crying and saying ‘I’m so sorry, I blame myself’, she was crying buckets. Everyone was traumatised. All the top bosses came to see me. I’m a strong woman but I was in shock.”

She added: “When the show started I was in the middle but I wasn’t expecting any violence. Then Jenna Jameson and Janice Dickinson joined us on the panel.

“Things started getting heated, Farrah turned round and called her a ‘hag,’ then Aisleyne threw her glass of Cava over Farrah and Me. That happens. X Factor does it, no one is going to get hurt, it’s part of the telly.

“Then Farrah lobbed two glasses, I got one so hard in the back of my head that my head went forward and back. It smashed on the back of my head.


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“Farrah threw another glass. But Janice threw her chair to stop Farrah doing anything else. She was trying to protect me. It all happened so quickly, I didn’t really know what was going on.

“When I lifted my head up, Farrah and Jenna walked out but Janice stayed. My daughter Lou was in the audience and it was so awful for her to see. She rushed down to try and help. She was crying a lot because she was so worried. Janice was screaming ‘get her an ice pack, get her an ice pack’.

“Farrah was hurling abuse at Janice, but if Janice hadn’t done that, she wouldn’t have stopped Farrah.”