Vicky Pattison forced to ‘slum it’ in public hotel

Spare a thought for Geordie Shore star and I’m A Celebrity presenter Vicky Pattison, won’t you?


While co-hosts Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon have been given their own swanky private flats to kick back in while they cover this year’s jungle shenanigans, poor old Vicky is being forced to slum it in what The Sun calls a “public hotel.”

Erm, we think that just means a normal hotel, but anyway, the gist is that one time Jungle Queen Vicky will be forced to rub shoulders with the GENERAL PUBLIC while she’s staying on the Gold Coast, and co-hosts Joe and Stacey won’t. Poor lamb.

Of course, Joe and Stacey are a couple, but they were even given their own individual flats so that they can enjoy some extra space while they’re covering the ITV show.


“It’s something Stacey wanted from the start. They both wanted more space,” an insider told The Sun. That’s despite the fact that they’re a couple, of course.

“They [Stacey and Joe] don’t live together in the UK so it shouldn’t be any different here. They’re right next door so they can still spend time together and have their own space.”

34-year-old ex-EastEnder Joe has even been showing off his swanky digs on social media, after asking Stacey to film a video of his guided tour. It boasts a huge, walk-in-wardrobe and a huge luxury bathtub, which was filled to the brim with bubbles for extra smug points. Stacey’s living in a similar flat next door with the kids.

Joe’s place also has its own private pool while, get this, 28-year-old Vicky has to swimming with HUNDREDS of other guests.

Never mind, Vicky. You could always lock yourself in your room until it’s time to go on air.


Unsurprisingly, the show’s main hosts Ant and Dec are also being put up in a luxury private house – although whether they get one each like Joe and Stacey or have to shack up together isn’t entirely clear.