Vicky Pattison health update as she shares photo of blood-stained hospital bed

Vicky Pattison
-Credit: (Image: vickypattison/Instagram)

Vicky Pattison has provided her followers with a health update via Instagram after an emergency hospital visit. On Tuesday, July 2, the reality TV personality, known for her stint on Geordie Shore, posted several pictures to inform her fans she was discharged from Queens Hospital in Romford and on her way home.

Amongst the images, Vicky included a startling photo of bloodied sheets while she was in her hospital bed. In her post's caption, Vicky alerted her followers to the "graphic" nature of the images: "Blurry but happy hometime, recovery and some things I'm grateful for... Some of these pics are a tadddd graphic so I apologise in advance.. and if anyone doesn't like blood I just wouldn't bother."

She continued expressing her joy at returning home: "I'm super happy to be home, back to my boys and my bed.. I'm already beginning to feel more like myself. Just a quick Thankyou to everyone for your kind messages, concern and get well soon and movie tips.. it's all greatly appreciated!" reports the Mirror.

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Vicky also extended her gratitude to the healthcare staff who looked after her during the junior doctors' strike: "Also, to the ladies and gentlemen who took care of me in Queens Hospital over the weekend, despite dealing with a junior doctors strike Thankyou".

She concluded by acknowledging the pressures faced by NHS staff: "I can't imagine being in the NHS at the minute, it feels as though they're understaffed, undervalued and underpaid but still did their absolute best to take care of me and everyone else... So shoutout to the gang on Hospital Bay Ocean 2."

Vicky Pattison reveals photo of blood-stained hospital bed
Vicky Pattison reveals photo of blood-stained hospital bed as she shares new health update -Credit:vickypattison/Instagram

After ignoring her worsening symptoms, Vicky, aged 36, found herself in A&E, hooked up to a drip and sharing snapshots from her hospital bed. The incident occurred just weeks before her wedding to 30 year old fiance Ercan Ramadan.

Vicky had been battling a sore throat, fever, and joint pain and faced difficulties in getting an emergency GP appointment. She took to Instagram to inform her followers of her hospitalisation, writing: "Definitely not the weekend I was intending on having.. I was anticipating being up mount Snowdon for gods sake."

She continued, expressing her surprise at the concern her initial story generated: "Don't even know really to start, but I feel like I dropped that stupid story to let a few people who were concerned about my radio silence know I was being looked after and then loads more people just worried, which was never my intention, you're all too kind btw".

In a subsequent update, Vicky shared that the doctors suspected she might be suffering from glandular fever and a throat abscess. Reflecting on her health, she confessed: "I didn't allow myself any recovery time after covid and it's just compromised my immune system I suppose- I haven't allowed myself any downtime this year".