Victim KO'd with two kicks - after request from woman

Charlie Russell's custody shot <i>(Image: Thames Valley Police)</i>
Charlie Russell's custody shot (Image: Thames Valley Police)

A man KO’d another on the request of a woman – delivering a haymaker blow then booting him in the head in an attack that was caught on camera.

The woman on whose request Charlie Russell had attacked the man, Kelly Shakespear, could be seen on camera phone footage slapping the unconscious victim’s face, trying to drag him to his feet and saying: “Get up, you d******d.”

Prosecutor Oliver Wellings told Oxford Crown Court that police had been called to a Bicester new build estate on December 27 last year after reports of a fight.

When they arrived, they could find ‘no signs of what had been taking place’. They found the victim of the attack but he did not make a complaint.

But the police were subsequently passed footage shot on a mobile phone that showed the shocking assault.

Beginning with a beer bottle being thrown, Russell could be seen in the video trading punches with the victim. He knocked him down with a punch – then knocked him out with two kicks.

The court heard that just a couple of weeks earlier, the defendant had been given community orders for spitting at one police officer and trying to bite another.

He was identified from the footage and interviewed in the new year and eventually charged to appear before the court in July. Ms Shakespear had, separately, been dealt with by the magistrates for the beating.

By June this year, he was living in supported accommodation Mawle Court in Banbury. A security guard saw him on CCTV stabbing at a wall with a knife and, concerned, called the police.

Officers found Russell on the street with the blade, albeit the weapon was not being brandished or on display.

Angela Porter, mitigating, said her client had found it ‘very difficult’ at Mawle Court. He was carrying the blade as a result of an attack a short time before, when he was beaten up in his bedroom.

Russell was ‘facing reality’ and realised that a prison sentence was inevitable, Ms Porter added. She asked the judge to keep any jail term ‘as short as possible’.

It was a chastened defendant sitting in the dock as, from across the court, Judge Maria Lamb said she had seen him put his hand over his face as the footage of the December 27 attack was played.

“I don’t think you can believe you behaved like that,” she said.

Jailing him for a total of 19 months, including four months for having the knife, the judge added: “The message has to go out loud and clear that those who carry knives on the street will be dealt with by way of prison sentences.”

Russell, of Mawle Court, Banbury, had pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm, possession of a knife and failing to answer bail. His earlier community orders were revoked and replaced with short prison sentences.

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