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Joann Ward

Joann Ward was a mother-of-four and was killed along with daughters Brooke Ward, five, and Emily Garza, seven. (Social media/Handout via Reuters)

These are the victims of the Texas Sutherland Springs shooting

In a community the size of Sutherland Springs, a 26-person death toll has reduced the population by 5%.

When gunman Devin Kelley opened fire in the First Baptist church, he killed 23 people inside the church, a further two outside and one later died in hospital.

At least 20 more were left injured.

According to US media, the youngest killed was a one-year-old baby and the eldest was a 77-year-old woman.

The shooter’s grandmother-in-law, Lula White, was one of the victims.

The identities of those killed have not yet been formally released but the names of victims are emerging.

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