Victor Martinez Undergoes Surgery, More to Come: Fan’s View

One certainly misses a lot when they go on vacation. A couple of weeks ago, I was away on a cruise and returned to the news that the Detroit Tigers had just signed Prince Fielder. Combined with Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez, I thought Fielder was going to help pace this dominant offense towards a World Series. Then came the news that I missed the part about Martinez tearing his ACL; so much for that powerful offense.

Late last week, Martinez underwent surgery to repair the injury, only to realize that additional surgery was going to be required to fix the injury completely. The news of a second surgery will put an end to any chances of Martinez seeing the field this season. His injury is part of the reason why Detroit signed Fielder, who will bring back the memories of his father hitting mammoth shots with the Tigers.

When 2013 comes around, things will be interesting in the Detroit lineup. With Fielder only capable of playing first base, Miguel Cabrera will be forced to move back to third base, a position he struggled at during his time with the Florida Marlins. With this injury, Martinez won't be able to catch anymore, leaving his only role as the designated hitter. While the Tigers offense will be scoring runs at a high rate in 2013, their defense may give up as many as they score with Cabrera at the hot corner.

Martinez hit .330 with 12 home runs and 103 RBIs a year ago, but at 33-years-old, a full year off due to injury will hurt his chances at finishing off his career the right way. Martinez has had great success at each stop of his career, but an injury during a simple strength and conditioning drill is a bad sign. After years of being a full-time catcher, his knees have finally given out of him.

For the 2012 Tigers, they should still be successful because of the signing of Fielder, but for 2013 and beyond, it will be interesting to see what they do to shave runs on defense.

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