Victoria Beckham on lockdown life...staying positive and surviving home-schooling...

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<p>Victoria Beckham in conversation with Emily Sheffield for London Rising</p> (Dave Benett)

Victoria Beckham in conversation with Emily Sheffield for London Rising

(Dave Benett)

Victoria Beckham told her children they were “lucky” to be living through history during the pandemic but says London needs to reopen and be “buzzing” again soon.

The fashion designer and former pop star said lockdown had been “tough” for her family but she had concentrated on helping her children deal with it.

Talking to editor Emily Sheffield as part of the Evening Standard’s London Rising online events to spur on the capital’s recovery from the pandemic, she said: “I would say to them, ‘You’re lucky to be living through this, you’re living through history.

“Your children and grandchildren will say to you one day what was it like when you couldn’t leave the house for days and weeks on end?’ I think it was about just being as positive as we could and keeping each other motivated and finding structure. I think that was the key thing.”

Evening Standard
Evening Standard

Beckham, 47, said daughter Harper, nine, and son Cruz, 16, were delighted to return to school after lockdown.

Victoria Beckham and daughter Harper
Victoria Beckham and daughter Harper

She said: “Our kids love going to school, they are very social and have lots of friends. They work hard at school. But I’ve never seen my kids so excited to go back — it was lovely to see. We forget how much they have missed. And how much do we appreciate teachers now? I appreciate teachers so much more... I can run a business. I can sit in a board meeting. No problem. But homeschooling is really, really, really tough.”

The former Spice Girl, who also has sons Brooklyn, 22, and Romeo, 18, with husband David, said the fashion industry had been hit by the pandemic and lockdown and she felt “blessed” to still be running her design firm. Beckham, who spent some of lockdown in Miami where David owns a football club, said London was “the coolest city in the world”.

She said: “The sooner we can open up and have people travelling back to the UK, the sooner we can open up the galleries, the theatres, that’s what we need to do, get London moving again, get it buzzing again.”

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